Ryan G. Christen – Owner / CEO, Fully Involved Fire, LLC

  • 20 years of fire service experience (Retired as Battalion Chief and Special Operations Team Commander)
  • 20 years of business management and ownership
  • 15 years of consulting and project management



Operations / Deputy Operations Chief:

Assistant Operations Chief, Response Advanced Planning Unit (APU):

  • Pioneered implementation of the newly formed APU in advance of the arrival of sever atmospheric rivers threatening the entire state
  • Identified real-time strategies for response planning and impact projection techniques memorialized into formal processes implemented on future incidents
  • Utilized APU tools and resource to inform pre-positioning of critical response and rescue assets to bolster community lifelines ahead of and during event impacts

Los Angeles Mobile Homeless Connect (MHC) Project Lead / Executive Advisor

  • Coordinated State Agencies and resources to develop an operational strategy and IAP for the pilot program
  • Area lead on-site in Los Angeles to oversee field operations at three event sites
  • Project Lead and Author for Los Angeles MHC After-Action Report
  • Project Lead and Author for the State MHC Playbook to facilitate planning and implementation of future MHC events.
  • Project Lead and Co-Author of the MHC Concept of Operations (ConOps) to serve as a proof of concept and implementation model ahead of field testing.

Debris Operations Unit, Recovery Coordination Advisor:

  • Co-Author of the Cal OES Disaster Debris Management Plan (DDMP) (2021)
  • Primary author of 8 hazard-specific disaster debris management annexes
  • Primary author of the Crisis Decision-Making Playbook
  • Project lead and author, 2023 DDMP update based on State / FEMA policy revisions
  • Co-Author, Hazard Tree Removal SOG
  • Co-Author of the Special Inclusion Cost Reasonableness Methodology Process