Our company, Fully Involved FIre, LLC (FIF) was founded in 2008. The story began years before. In 2005 our CEO, Ryan Christen attended an Incident Command Academy in Orange County Florida. The program relied on virtual incident images for role players and incident commanders. The program helped prepare Fire Officers for the stress of Incident Command. Mr. Christen recognized a problem in Fire Officer training – Command Training required a lot of staff and resources to conduct exercises and scenarios. To overcome this, Mr. Christen set out to teach himself coding and design Incident Command Simulators that accurately reflected the stress and tempo of command, but could be “played’ by an individual, anytime they wanted. The SIMs also had to be affordable for departments of all budgets. In 2010, the first FIF Online Fire Command Simulator went live. Since then, the company has grown tremendously, including establishing the Fully Involved Consulting Division in 2016.