Remote or on-site support for real-time disaster / crisis events. Process, program, and incident analysis to identify improvement opportunities. Training and exercise management to enhance resiliency. Planning and preparedness to bolster readiness.

How we can help you…

Disaster Response Support

Emergencies and disasters often strike as an unforeseen “black swan” event. We provide on-call emergency support for on-site and remote assistance to reinforce your core capabilities in times of crisis.

Disaster Recovery Support

We can assist with restoring your critical lifelines, navigating federal assistance programs (i.e., Public Assistance, Individual Assistance, Hazard Mitigation), and coordinating your internal operations.

Planning and Preparedness

One of best mechanisms of inoculation against an emergency becoming a crippling crisis is strong planning and preparedness. We plan evaluation, development, and testing to help you build resiliency to “weather the storm.”

Program / Process

Are you in a rut or a groove?
They both look the same from the inside. It is only when you lift your head to honestly assess your position (effectiveness) can you determine the difference. We have extensive experience in emergency and crisis response and recovery program analysis.

After-Action Reports /
Improvement Planning

How many After-Action Reports (AARs), or incident analysis have you seen become paper tigers collecting dust on a shelf? We produce detailed AARs and Incident Analysis yielding actionable and attainable results, followed by robust improvement plans to map out your path for achieving positive outcomes.

Training and Exercise
Design and Delivery

To quote Mike Tyson (a seemingly odd choice here)… “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” While the source may not be the most academic, the sentiment is accurate. We develop trainings, functional / full-scale, and table-top exercises to test your plans in safe, low consequence environments.

As a boutique firm we focus intensely on details and purpose in our every action. This is why we have devoted a great deal of time to develop our company in a thoughtful and deliberate manner and reflect that here in our website. To demonstrate that commitment click the links below to learn more about who we are.

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Achieving the highest standards of success demands not only that you approach the task with a fully involved mind-set, but that you also seek the out a team to amplify your strengths. Fully Involved is partnered with several prime and boutique firms that provide diverse services and unique expertise to ensure we can identify and execute the solutions you need.