A story about Dr. Henry “Hank” Christen Jr.

A few more pics of the 2nd Generation…

“Because I was Inverted”

Hank, like his father (and later his son) loved technical rescue. While, Pop started the Miami Tech Rescue Program and the foundation for what became USAR, Hank turned it into family legacy in Atlanta.

DMAT Helo Operations

The Christen family has always loved helicopters. In this photo, Hank is posing with a Huey used during a DMAT deployment. To this day, he still reminds his son Ryan (the CEO), “you still haven’t flown in a Huey.”

Hurricane Opal

In 1995 Hurricane Opal impacted NW Florida. At the time, Hank was director of Emergency Management for Okaloosa County which took the brunt of the storm. Seen here, Hank is giving a media interview.