Achieving the highest standards of success demands not only that you approach the task with a fully involved mind-set, but that you also seek the out a team to amplify your strengths. Fully Involved is partnered with several prime and boutique firms that provide diverse services and unique expertise to ensure we can identify and execute the solutions you need.

What have we done?

In short… a lot…
With over 25 years of experience, our CEO, Ryan Christen has supported disaster / crisis recovery operations, planning, and preparedness in 26 states and worked directly supporting dozens of Presidentially Declared Disasters. Mr. Christen has even supported development and co-authored Major Disaster Declaration requests to the white house under two presidential administrations.

What does “Recovery” mean for you?

No disaster or crisis is the same. What worked for others may not work for you. Your organizations needs may vary from others. There exist a tremendous number of variable for every disaster / crisis and every client. We begin by understanding your needs, capabilities, impacts, and goals to help define and implement a recovery that fits your unique circumstances.