Early response experience…

With over 25 years of experience, Ryan Christen, the CEO of Fully Involved Fire, LLC, embarked on his career as a firefighter, continuing a proud family tradition spanning three generations. His journey into disaster response began during the Flagler County Wildfires in 1998 as an EMT Student gaining clinical hours supporting the FL-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT). In 1999 became a professional firefighter and began expanding his expertise across various technical rescue and disaster response capacities, joined the DMAT, became a wildland firefighter, and USAR team member. Retiring in 2017 as a Battalion Chief and Special Operations Unit Commander, Christen redirected his focus towards assisting public and private sector entities in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disaster and crisis events.

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What does “Response” mean to you?

No two situations are alike. What works for one organization may not be suitable for another, and the variables at play in each scenario can be vast and complex. At Fully Involved Fire, LLC, we recognize this reality and approach every client and situation with a tailored mindset. We start by deeply understanding your organization’s needs, capabilities, impacts, and goals. By doing so, we can effectively define and implement a response strategy that aligns with your unique circumstances. Whether it’s a natural disaster, industrial accident, or public health crisis, our goal is to provide solutions that are customized to fit your specific challenges and objectives.

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Achieving the highest standards of success demands not only that you approach the task with a fully involved mind-set, but that you also seek the out a team to amplify your strengths. Fully Involved is partnered with several prime and boutique firms that provide diverse services and unique expertise to ensure we can identify and execute the solutions you need.