Ryan Christen, CEO of Fully Involved Fire, LLC, carries on a distinguished family legacy in firefighting and emergency management. He served as a Battalion Chief and Special Operations Unit Commander before transitioning to leadership in his own company. Ryan’s father, Dr. Henry (Hank) Christen, Jr., was a Battalion Chief in the Atlanta Fire Department, a DMAT Commander, and an Emergency Management Director. Dr. Christen’s father, Henry “Pop” Christen, Sr., left his mark as a District Chief in the Miami Fire Department and later as a Director of Fire Science, nurturing the next generation of firefighters. The Christen family’s commitment to public service spans three generations, leaving an indelible impact on fire safety and emergency response.

What have we done?

In short… a lot… With over 25 years of experience, our CEO, Ryan Christen has supported disaster / crisis recovery operations, planning, and preparedness in 26 states and worked directly supporting dozens of Presidentially Declared Disasters. Mr. Christen has even supported development and co-authored Major Disaster Declaration requests to the white house under two presidential administrations.

Learn how our Core Values guide our approach to bolster our Core Capabilities…

By acknowledging the history and values of the fire service, we are reminding ourselves and customers of the importance of commitment, hard work, and being bold in everything we do. It speaks to the quality of service we provide. We honor our past as we move forward into the future, and our commitment will continue to shine through in all that we do.

Learn how our approach is guided by our Core Values…

Our core values are not just words on paper; they are the guide that informs our actions and decisions, drawing from nearly 100 years of honor, tradition, and dedicated service. These core values simultaneously shape our course and define who we are as a company.

A logo serves as the visual representation of a company’s identity, embodying its history, values, and modern philosophy. While it’s important for a logo to be eye-catching, its significance goes far beyond mere aesthetics. A truly impactful logo should encapsulate the essence of the company, conveying its unique story, approach to tasks, and vision for the future. It should serve as a symbol that employees and clients alike can rally behind, instilling a sense of pride and belief in the organization’s mission.

A company’s name serves as its foremost identifier, encapsulating its essence, values, and mission in a single word or phrase. A thoughtful and reflective name not only distinguishes the company in a crowded marketplace but also communicates its history and purpose to customers, stakeholders, and the broader community. It acts as a symbolic representation of the company’s heritage, vision, and commitment, evoking trust, credibility, and resonance with its target audience. Moreover, it sets the tone for the company’s culture and direction, guiding strategic decisions and shaping its identity in the minds of clients. Thus, choosing a company name that is meaningful and aligned with its history and purpose is paramount, as it becomes the cornerstone of its brand identity and long-term success. Thus, we are “Fully Involved.”

Achieving the highest standards of success demands not only that you approach the task with a fully involved mind-set, but that you also seek the out a team to amplify your strengths. Fully Involved is partnered with several prime and boutique firms that provide diverse services and unique expertise to ensure we can identify and execute the solutions you need.